The Multi-Billion Dollar Federal Marketplace: A Step by Step Guide to Doing Business with the U.S. Government




The United States federal government is the world’s largest buyer of products and services. Purchases by military and civilian installations amount to nearly $600 billion a year, and include everything from complex military equipment to lawn maintenance services. The question is how can you tap into this source of income? Every day you hear on the news about how much the government spends. You hear about big contracts being awarded to big companies. Yes, Uncle Sam awards billion dollar contracts and that is certainly newsworthy. What you don’t hear on the news is when the government awards smaller contracts. The first government contract my business won was $300,000 for transportation services. Of course that did not make the news…why should it? Other small companies like mine were awarded $2 million, $5 million, even $20 million and more and that did not make the news either. It did not make the news but it certainly helped some business owners get rich.

The question is not why should I sell to the government…it MUST be “Why did I wait so long to pursue Uncle Sam as a customer?” If you are not convinced…here are a few reasons why you MUST sell to the U.S. Federal Government:

  • The Government ALWAYS pays!
  • The Government NEVER runs out of money!
  • The Government pays ON TIME!
  • In the event it goes beyond 30 days…the Government AUTOMATICALLY pays the interest!

I wrote this book because after doing business with my rich uncle, Uncle Sam, for several years, business owners and individuals who know that I have done business with the government often ask me to help them get started. After helping several companies get into the business and start selling to Uncle Sam, I realized that there must be several others who want to sell to the U.S. federal government, but don’t know where to begin. This book provides the resources to get started in this lucrative market. It is brief, concise, and provides all the information you need to begin successfully contracting with the government. There is no fluff to fill pages so there is no need to wade through unnecessary information trying to figure out your next step. This book provides exactly what you need to get started in five easy steps.

A small investment in purchasing this book can result in you being awarded government contracts so buy it today and you will be well on your way!


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