About Us

The word “Pwospere” means “to prosper” in Creole. To prosper means to succeed or thrive, and thus prosperity is the state of being successful. It does not refer to just the accumulation of material wealth but includes overall well-being of the individual.

Our mission is to provide resources that enable individuals to realize their full potential, and enables them to flourish. These resources include blogs, online courses, eBooks, videos and more!


We believe that six principles are crucial in enabling one to become prosperous. The acts of earning, learning, giving, mentoring and networking have resulted in several individuals becoming successful and we strive to provide appropriate resources to enable our members to succeed in each area. Additionally, we believe that these actions must be executed by those with high ethical standards.



The means by which one earns an income can be in various forms. Whether income is earned as an entrepreneur, employee, or as an investor, we will provide the resources to help our members succeed.


In an increasingly competitive world, it is important that we continue to evolve to gain a competitive advantage. This involves finding ways to acquire knowledge, learning new skills, and more. Our online training programs and courses are designed by practitioners and academics. This ensures that our students receive the knowledge that prepares them and enables them to be competitive in their respective areas.


We strongly believe in giving back and supporting communities. From whom much is given, much is required. This act not only helps those who are in need, but also enables the giver to participate in this wonderful act. We consider it a privilege to give and encourage others to do so as well. We encourage individuals to give their time through volunteering, and to give financially and otherwise.


We encourage individuals who are experienced and successful entrepreneurs, investors, or managers to become mentors to those who are new in that area of interest. Additionally, individuals who are new in an area should seek opportunities to become protégés of those who are experienced. The opportunity to learn from their successes and failures is invaluable.


We strongly believe in the concept of synergy, where the sum of the whole is greater than the individual parts. Thus we encourage individuals to join our Mastermind Group. This group is exclusive and members meet monthly to share ideas and to network.

High Ethics

We only support ideas that are of high ethical standards. We strongly believe that only ideas that are born of strong legal and ethical principles will be sustained. Those that do not follow these principles will only realize short-term success and may cost originators of these ideas their fortunes, reputation, and even freedom. Thus it is imperative that members only pursue ideas that are of high moral and legal standards.