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The word “Pwospere” means “to prosper” in Creole, and prosperity is the state of being successful. It is not just the accumulation of material wealth but includes overall well-being of the individual. Through online courses, eBooks, blogs, videos and more, we provide the resources to help individuals to thrive, to succeed, to flourish…to prosper.

Government Contracting

The United States federal government is the world’s largest buyer of products and services. Purchases by military and civilian installations amount to nearly $600 billion a year, and include everything from complex military equipment to lawn maintenance services. How can you tap into this source of income? Register for the Getting Started In Government Contracting course and you will be on your way to profiting from this lucrative market.

Solomon Says

A collection of words of wisdom from King Solomon, one of the wealthiest, men who ever lived. Solomon was very young when he was made king by his father David. These words of wisdom are relevant today, much as they were years ago. Fifty have been selected and sorted into six categories: wealth, debt, hard work, giving, greed, and honorable living. This book can serve as a reference guide in your daily life as the advice contained therein has stood the test of time.